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neeraj tewari headshot whiteNeeraj Tewari is an experienced professional in the telecommunications and software industry. He has proven understanding of managing businesses on a global scale. Throughout these years, he has demonstrated excellent management skills in the IT sector. He has developed extensive experience in working with Fortune 500 companies in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific and he also achieved notable successes in his career in building large global teams and in putting in new systems for small, medium and large telecommunication service providers in US, Europe and EMEA.

A success driven professional, Neeraj Tewari has awards in his field for pioneering business success in satellite communications. He has thorough knowledge of startup, mid size and large enterprise workings and has demonstrated results in leading M&A initiatives and post merger integration. Neeraj Tewari has demonstrated considerable management skills in his chosen industry and he has also shown a proven understanding of global business. He believes in keeping business practices transparent so that teams can build accountability towards their job.

He also developed special programs that helped employees in maintaining work-life balance. He has built and managed teams of professionals in variety of fields such as engineering, operations, finance, sales and marketing, as well as customer relationship management. Through his dedication and hard work, he has accomplished results with collaborative leadership in business and communications technology.