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*Originally posted on LinkedIn.

Everyone wants to feel a sense of security that their job is not going to be outsourced or given to another person, but it can be a little overwhelming to try and figure out how to make yourself an indispensable team member. There are no guarantees in job security as industries are constantly changing, but there are simple ways you can stand out to your employer and increase your odds of keeping your job for the long term.

1. Be a positive team member

The attitude you go to work with will determine how you are perceived by your team members and your supervisor. If you are distracted during meetings, complain about the work, or just have a generally poor attitude, this is going to come across to your employer. If you want to be indispensable, you first have to act like you even want the position you have. Come to work with a positive outlook and be willing to find solutions, not focus on the problems.

2. Do the basics of your job well

Before you can be seen as an irreplaceable team member, you first have to be able to perform your job the best you can. Come in a little early each day so that you can be in your area and ready for the day on time. Make sure to meet all of your deadlines each month and know the role that you play in the company you work for. If you’re unclear about what your role is in your company, have a conversation with your supervisor about it. Asking questions and making sense of your job will only help your supervisor see that you are interested in sticking around for the long term.

3. Find your passion

Every office has a couple people who are considered a master in something. Maybe there’s a team member who is great with numbers or design. Whatever your skill and passion are, master it so that you can be the one in the office that everyone goes to. Being willing to help the co-workers that need it will help you to be seen as a team player and being an expert on one facet of your job will make you be even more indispensable.

4. Improve your communication skills

There’s no denying the importance of communication skills. If you struggle with either written or verbal communication, take steps to improve on these necessary skills as they are valuable to employers. Whether it’s through client communication or just striking up conversations with your co-workers or supervisor, these skills will help you to make solid connections in your company.

5. Take initiative on projects

Don’t wait until a project gets assigned to you; seek out and take on projects. If your manager is working on a project, offer your assistance with it. If your supervisor can rely on you to complete your work and take on extra projects, they will inevitably see you as an asset.

Neeraj Tewari is an IT professional based out of Maryland. Follow his tech and career musings on Twitter.